I’m impressed — really, and so pleased with the services you provide! Thank you so much for all the work and care you’ve put into my project.
Healthcare Provider, Australia
Voland International is an excellent example of successful cooperation on different projects and the pledge of high quality service. The company’s inherent characteristics are professionalism, special attitude to customers’ needs and pro-activity of the management. Moreover, Voland International has the best quality-price ratio among all the vendors we’ve worked with.
PM, Sitronics, Russia
I can’t help admiring your work and attitude! Our project went on a higher level, and now we see its perspective and a new goal. This would not be possible without you!
Director of Implementation, Logistics and Supply, Australia
Good job! You helped me in a force majeure situation and managed to meet the deadlines that were almost impossible! As a result, the product’s demo was released when planned and the partners were delighted. I find it a good ground for further successful cooperation.
CEO, Information Technology
I especially liked your style of management. I have not seen so much comfort in cooperation and transparency of processes for a long time. You are a way above your competitors!
IT PM, Automotive
The quality of my web portal is great! Changes in its design after Voland International’s usability tests gave a 50% increase in visitors. It’s a complete success!
President, E-commerce
The engineers on my project are experienced professionals and also nice people. It was a pleasure talking with them both about the details of the project and about the weather. You are lucky to have such an awesome team!
SVP Operations & Technology, Publishing
Your engineers examined the mechanisms of tested elements very carefully, which is especially important for systems with complicated business logic. I was also glad to know that you provide functional testing of prototypes. And you prefer to investigate every fact yourselves, rather than to distract me from work!
PM, Banking