Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

A team of full time equivalent employees for your specific requirements on setting up a project team. You can choose to hire a single professional and then scale up to a full-fledged development team.

Advantages to client:
  • Least cost option
  • Dedicated team
  • Budget predictability
  • IP ownership
  • High flexibility
  • High control
  • Can start with any level of expertise on the application
Disadvantages to client:
  • Need for client involvement is highest
  • Budget depends on how well the team is managed


  • Programmers, Developers and Coders
  • ASP.NET programmers
  • PHP programmers
  • VB.NET programmers
  • C#, C++, Java, MySQL programmers and developers
  • Software testers
  • Website designers and Flash developers – HTML, DHTML, CSS, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop
  • Technical Support and Software/Application Maintenance professionals.