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We provide a full scope of services, based on an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs. Contact us today and let us help with your next project.

Voland International is a Professional Services company providing independent end to end Software solutions and delivery expertise. The company has several labs in Europe where mature quality assurance processes and methodologies are combined with lower operational costs. Thus, we are able to deliver quality solutions at lower costs to you.


We provide a full scope of services, based on an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs. Throughout numerous completed projects we have developed professional expertise abundant for providing high quality software development, testing and related services, product certification services, software consulting services and issue-tracking database management services.


Our company mission is based on three fundamental values, shared by Voland International employees:



To provide the best possible service to our customers through personal approach and effective cooperation strategies.



To create choice working conditions for our personnel, provide opportunities for their personal and professional skills development, and open up possibilities for self-expression through attractive motivation systems and rewards.



To conduct decent and fair business towards the government, partners and customers.


Voland International’s structure is a composition of departments and project teams formed according to competences and skills, and customers’ preferences. The structure is quite flexible and is periodically adjusted to adapt to the newest technological tendencies in the market.

The company’s departments and teams are grouped by:

Solution types: department of corporate solutions (ERP, ECM, CRM, intranet, extranet), department of e-business solution (e-learning, web CMS, marketplaces and auctions, etc.), departments of media streaming, VoIP, and e-banking (payment and billing).

Testing methods: test automation department, usability testing department, functional testing department, etc.

Development platforms: SharePoint, .NET, Java and PHP.


Beyond mere technical expertise, we at Voland International focus on bringing out the best personal qualities and team-working abilities in our employees. In March 2009 we opened an Academy — an in-house training and knowledge sharing center. Its goal is to equip individual employees and teams with knowledge and hands-on experience, and to promote the development of each individual in the company.